Automation Solutions

Services Offered

Whatever type of project, whether it is a new facility, replacement system, or a legacy system that requires support, our team focus is on supporting our client in achieving the best results.

  • Plant Control & Safety System Design
  • Communications & Network Design
  • DCS/PLC Programming
  • SCADA Design and Implementation
  • Commissioning & Startup (C&SU)
  • Maintenance & Operations Support

Beta-Tech Inc. (BTI) has been designing control and safety systems for nearly 30 years. We are a technology company that prides itself on being on top of the latest innovations and design trends to bring the best solutions to our clients. Our Engineers and Technologists have the skills and expertise to help you choose the best system solution for your needs.

BTI is a key player in the design and implementation of your facility control system. We provide input to design review phases and P&ID development as well as actively participating in HAZOPs and SD Key review meetings. We develop control narratives, critical settings documents and shutdown keys to guide our personnel through the programming and configuration of the process control and safety systems.

We set the bar high when it comes to staging and testing of these systems prior to site installation. Before the systems leave BTI we perform thorough functional testing and assurance testing against design. Our internal QA/QC processes are rigid, with test results documented, signed and witnessed, ensuring that when we take the system to the field it is ready.

Our site commissioning QA/QC processes are equally as effective. When the system is fully commissioned and a successful startup has been accomplished we provide training to operational personnel and continued support through remote VPN access portals. Our work is guaranteed and we are not finished our job until you are completely satisfied with the final results.