Leak Detection Systems and Programs

BTI’s experienced leak detection group understands the latest regulatory and engineering requirements, including CSA Z662 and API pipeline standards.

BTI is leveraging this expertise with decades of SCADA, automation and measurement system and field experience to provide cost-effective leak detection systems and programs.

Leak Detection Services include

  • Engineering assessments
  • Leak detection system implementations
  • Leak detection program implementation
  • Training and operations support

Leak Detection Systems

BTI provides fit-for-purpose systems on-site or remote cloud-based depending on the client’s infrastructure, pipeline characteristics and operational requirements.

BTI works with leading vendors to provide

  • Turnkey leak detection systems
  • System upgrades
  • Leak Detection software
  • Services, training
  • Operational support

Leak Detection Methods

Different pipelines, different challenges

BTI provides risk assessments, feasibility and cost/benefit studies to determine the appropriate methods for each pipeline.

Leak Detection Programs

Understand that effective LD can only occur is LD system is part of effective operations. The leak detection system and program is an essential component of an effective Safety and Loss Management System as defined in CSA Z662.

BTI also offers implementation of leak detection programs to ensure appropriate KPIs (people, processes and technology) are met.

Practical and appropriate implementation of the guidelines in API 1175, Pipeline Leak Detection Program Management.

Dashboards with actionable information and  drill-down for detailed assessment.

System and Program Integration

Leak detection cost and performance depends on the supporting infrastructure including

  • Instruments
  • Power
  • Networking and communications systems
  • SCADA and control systems
  • Operational capabilities
  • Enterprise infrastructure required to support program KPIs
  • BTI is experienced integrating these components for new and legacy systems.