Measurement Solutions

Services Offered

BTI can help you develop your EPAP and provide audit services to make sure your self reporting obligations are met. It is our goal to make sure that the EPAP you develop and manage is the right fit for your needs. We will review your production facilities, your current QA/QC and reporting processes, and work with you to put in place adequate and workable processes and controls.

  • MARP Development
  • EPAP Program Development
  • EPAP Audits
  • Meter Walk-Downs and Compliance
  • LACT Inspections and Assessment
  • Trouble-shooting of measurement systems
  • Daily Balances and KPI Automation and Reporting

Beta-Tech Inc. (BTI) has an experienced measurement team with experts that can provide a range of services to help you. We have years of experience with a mix of hands-on and regulatory compliance expertise. We are the right choice for developing your Measurement Accounting Reporting Plan for your facility or, if you would prefer, we can simply audit and review your measurement scheme. We have worked with some of the major producers in Canada, and with the smaller producers as well, to ensure that regulatory requirements are met and, moreover, you will be confident that your commodity stream measurements and facility balances are accurate and trust-worthy.

BTI’s measurement team can work with our clients’ in-house team or in our Calgary office to provide the expertise you need while engineering and constructing new facilities involving metering or analyzer systems. As your knowledgeable representative, we will ensure your selected EPC has addressed all of the requirements of proper measurement and reduce your risk exposure to future retro-fit changes. We will review designs and ensure the correct and most cost-effective metering solution is provided.

Our depth of knowledge and experience from field device to production accounting systems is what sets BTI apart from our competitors. We will help you find a cost-effective solution and solve your measurement problems.